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image of operational school bus safety armVehicle Components Helping To Keep Our Passengers Safe

Our school buses will not only meet or exceed federal and state school bus construction standards but will be equipped with superior safety equipment to safeguard our passengers.

All vehicles will have a fully functional automatic crossing arm to keep children in full view by the driver in loading/unloading zones.

A crossing arm is a safety device that extends from the front bumper on the right side of the bus during loading/unloading of passengers; creating a barrier and forcing the children to walk several feet forward of the front of the bus, eliminating a common blind spot for the driver. The crossing arm retracts flush against the bumper while the bus is in motion.

Our vehicles will be outfitted with an electronic device designed to require all school bus drivers to check their buses at the end of each route for children that failed to exit the bus at their school or designated stop.

image of school bus dashboardAll vehicles will be equipped with two-way communication (Radio, cell phone or Nextel technology) to maintain constant communication between central dispatch and the customer.

The Child Reminder System

When the bus is returned from service, the system audibly reminds the driver to walk to the back of the bus to check for any sleeping children. The driver MUST disarm the system in the back of the vehicle within 60 seconds after the key is turned “OFF” or the horn will honk and the headlights will flash until it is deactivated.


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