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boy waving from back of school busOcean State Transit is dedicated to providing our customers with maximum vehicle safety and reliability through the strict adherence of the company’s preventative maintenance program.

Vehicles will be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended intervals as well as with DOT/DMV/RMV regulatory requirements.

Our maintenance program is committed to meeting or exceeding the following criteria:

• All vehicles will meet or exceed federal and state school bus construction standards.

• We will employ highly trained, ASE certified technicians, assigned according to appropriate staffing levels.

• A certified safety inspection will be performed every 90 days/3,000 miles as preventative maintenance to monitor the “wear” conditions and to make adjustments and repairs before they constitute a safety defect. Lubricant changes (L.O.F.) will be performed as prescribed by the manufacturer.

• A certified brake inspection will be performed at intervals which will ensure that wear conditions of the brake components are monitored and repairs are made before they become safety concerns. These schedules are based on specific brake type and by the original equipment manufacturer.

• Drivers will conduct daily pre-trip and post-trip safety inspections, and will record all mechanical issues and promptly report them to maintenance personnel where they will be responded to promptly.

• Maintenance facilities will utilize a comprehensive vehicle record keeping system to schedule and report maintenance interval performance as well as to assist in repair trend analysis which predict component life thus improving fleet reliability.


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