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back of school busOcean State Transit adheres to a very strict “Vehicle and Equipment Idling Policy” which places limitation on unnecessary engine idling which wastes fuel and generates needless harmful emissions.

No school bus shall be permitted to idle for more than 5 minutes while the vehicle is not in motion. Of course, this does not apply to vehicles forced to remain motionless due to traffic conditions, safety concerns or where local regulations dictate.

All employees will complete a “no idling” training session which includes:

• The EPA’s anti-idling video.

• Health risks associated with excessive exposure to diesel emissions.

• Fuel efficient driving practices

• Coordination of parking, loading & unloading plans with schools.

• Planning efficient routes to reduce diesel exhaust exposure

• Promote energy (fossil fuel) conservation.

• Reduce wear and service needs on vehicles and equipment

• Ensure proper maintenance of fleet

• Reduce noise pollution

• Our commitment to the overall improvement of air quality in the communities we service.

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